Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The industry is thinking too incrementally about the future of the electric energy system. The future will not be a gradual evolution of the existing, century-old infrastructure. A modern, intelligent grid will be much, much more than upgrading the existing infrastructure with smart meters and renewable energy sources. Digital intelligence plus broadband digital telecommunications will be the foundations of a truly economical, efficient, reliable, safe, secure, and sustainable electric energy system. It will be an inchoate interconnection of millions of individuals and billions of independent, intermittent, incoherent devices. Quantum computing will be a foundational element of optimizing this Internet of Things. 

Take a look at this article:

Quantum Computers Will Change the World 

Another source to get you thinking "outside the grid" is Ray Kurzweil's excellent book, published a decade ago, but even more current today than ever:

Just imagine what is possible (inevitable?) when computers have greater information processing power than human brains?

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