Thursday, May 9, 2013



One of my favorite new sources of info about the smart grid, Zpryme, interviewed me about my employer, Milsoft Utility Solutions, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Milsoft Utility Solutions Q&A: GIS & the Smart Grid
Eventually, every utility industry — telecommunications, water, and natural gas will rely on the benefits of GIS, Zpryme reached out to Austin, Texas-based thought leader, Steven E. Collier, Vice President of Business Development at Milsoft Utility Solutions, for a candid interview on the benefits, challenges, and milestones experienced with GIS in the smart grid space.

[ZP] What has been the most significant milestone in the past five years for GIS and utilities?

[MILSOFT UTILITY SOLUTIONS] The most significant progress in GIS resulted from the relentless march of Moore’s Law that has so greatly improved the capability of computers while reducing their costs. Coupled with this has been steady advances in information technologies that make GIS software both more powerful and easier to use. Finally, the increasing complexity of the electric utility business has caused almost every electric utility to realize that they simply cannot adequately plan, analyze, operate and manage their physical systems without fully capturing them in a GIS. Deployment of GIS is rapidly becoming minimum prudent utility practice.

Read the rest of the Q&A:  Zpryme article on Milsoft and GIS

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