Thursday, August 16, 2012

SmartGridMan blog is back in business

Apologies to all of you that have been visiting my blog for the past few months only to find it out of order.  The site was compromised by malware and we have just now gotten around to getting it back up via Google's Blogger.  So, it will look a little different, but hopefully the content will be as good or better (and more often).  As always, your comments are welcome!

We are working on getting the historical content from the old site ported over to this site.  In the meantime, follow me on Twitter as @smartgridman and on Facebook as SmartGridMan.  To try to make up for the lack of posts on this blog since February, below is some content from other sources for which I have been blogging and interviewing.

You may be interested in my blog post last month at The Energy Collective

And follow-up articles at Intelligent Utility:

Plus a follow-up article on Warren Causey's The Eagles Perspective newsletter:

My second blog post at The Energy Collective was published this week:

Finally, I recently had an interview published by IEEE SmartGrid that was a reprise of my SXSW Interactive presentation earlier this year, "The Smart Grid Is Inseparable from the Internet":

FierceSmartGrid published a summary of the interview:

I hope that you find the material cited above interesting and informative. I am very interested in your feedback.

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